Friday, July 17, 2009

Beverly Hills City Council puts off feral cat issue until August

Excuse me, Peter, but if I had worked hard enough or had been lucky enough to have inherited money to own that property, I would have guards around the perimeter to protect me from people or animals who felt they could intrude on my property.

Okay, so what's your point? You resent it rich people like their privacy? I check my Havaheart traps in my yard several times each day to ensure the trapped pets are not suffering, they hire it done, because they can afford it. No problem.

So don't abandon your pet, there is no place in our ecology for it!

No, we can't, Peter, and we have to make a responsible and adult choice. Has there been a shortage of the domestic cat species in the last four hundred years? They are driving hundreds of species to extinction, I know my choice, what's yours?

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