Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Feral cat program advances in city

A second post:
Los Angeles could easily be called the birthplace of TNR roughly two decades ago. I was told a few weeks ago by a TNR backer there may be as many as two million feral cats in Los Angeles today. I can agree some plans take time to work, but all they've accomplished in twenty years is to perpetuate the cat colonies, and kill off millions of our native fauna.

My post:
"Supporters said the feral cat plan will be a humane way to control the animals' numbers while saving the city money on shelter costs."

The supporters just happen to be cat lovers and could care less the unwanted pets will resume urinating and defecating all over the city as soon as they are released from the vets. They will also resume killing their share of the billion of our fauna estimated to be killed in the United States yearly. Wave goodbye to the tourist dollars birders and true animal lovers would have spent in your area. No one spends money traveling to see feral cats. There are far too many of those crapping in our own back yards.

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