Friday, July 3, 2009

Fort Hood: Cat shooting unfortunate, but legal

(Keep your pets indoors, especially when living next to an Army Installation with trained snipers!)
A Fort Hood policy against feral animals justified the shooting of a 1-year-old tabby cat by an installation game warden April 28.

The cat, "Yellow 2," left his owner's Maxdale Road property and roamed several feet onto Fort Hood, where a game warden shot him.

Fort Hood's installation pest management plan allows game wardens to kill suspected feral animals to prevent the spread of diseases such as rabies and to protect endangered species, said Chuck Medley, acting director of emergency services.


rking8 said...

A citizen would get two years in Texas.

Bird Advocate said...

Well Rking, the troop who shot this cat probably got a good dressing down from his Company Commander for not going for a head shot.