Sunday, July 19, 2009

It’s Not About Your Cat, It’s About MY Birds!

This is an important blog about conservation I just read at "My Purple Martin Blog." The blog master there is a very well informed and articulate person and I believe you will find a visit worth the trip.


rking8 said...

You are right but it is also about the wealth of a nation a;ready in financial perilWespend hundreds of millions as a nation on unneccary vet adn prescriptions on diseases and parasites spread by freeroaming feral feral and domestic cats. Until Texas and the rest of the nation puts cats on the invasiv speices lsit we are dooe dot see cat expand like in an ever growing arc until we are doomed to be further over run with the off spring of the 180 million cats who live in America.

Bird Advocate said...

Yes, they are doing tremendous damage now. I'm still hoping the changing political climate will be for the better.