Friday, July 31, 2009

Who would think cats are controversial?

Another post: My last sentence was, "Does this sound compassionate, non-lethal and humane?" Your counting mechanism lied to me. Mr. Phinny, I am not trying to be disrespectful to you. I am a 63 year old combat veteran of Vietnam, yet it brings tears to my eyes my grandchildren have never heard a covey of Quail calling to each other to regroup, or enjoyed the flight of the Meadowlark, another ground nesting bird.
Okay, so millions of people love cats, but when and why did unwanted pets become entitled to kill our birds and other wildlife?

I posted in response to your post, "Bob is still barking about animal overpopulation":
"That was touching, Mr. Phinny. I would suggest in your next blog about feral cat colonies you may want to add a kind word about the estimated billion of our native birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians they kill each year.
The presence of tens of millions, perhaps as many as a hundred million predator pets in our ecology is not an animal welfare problem, but an environmental emergency!"
You did not respond to my suggestion there. Instead you write another blog referring to "fairly vitriolic comments I’ve received in response to a couple of my posts on cats." I would not term my comments above as anything but passionate and factual.
Perhaps you would care to explain why you support the perpetuation of millions of an unwanted feral pet population in our ecology enabling them to kill hundreds of millions, perhaps a billion, of our native fauna? Does this sound compassionate, non-lethal and humane?

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