Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Birders: When Will Congress Control Ferals?

When will our lawmakers outlaw feeding feral colonies and enabling them to predate on our fauna? When will they make roaming cat's owners responsible for their pet's actions?
The answer is NEVER as long as the cat lobbyists are more vocal and organized than we are!


Birdfreak said...

What we as birders need to do is join together in one large group instead of small organizations spread all over the country.

Feral cat lovers are misinformed. I have no hatred for cats - our cat was thrown out in the street and has lived in our house ever since. She has never killed a single bird.

Feral cats have no place in the natural world and should be removed by any means necessary. Pet-owners should be fined if their cat is outside.

Love your blog! Keep up the good work.

BirdAdvocate said...

Thank you, Birdfreak. Your positive post is most welcome here. Many birders seem to avoid the controversy, but I've always been quite vocal on the topic.
We'll have to be vocal to be noticed over the clamor from the trap, neuter, abandon (to kill again) enthusiasts. Thanks again, my friend, for your kind words of support.