Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Trap, neuter, abandon is morally wrong!

Trap, neuter, abandon, how can anyone defend something so morally and ethically wrong? Those who uphold it are perpetuating the cat's suffering, the fighting and starving.
They say you euthanize a cat and another moves in. I have news for them, that cat did not appear out of nowhere, it left a vaccuum where it had been and perhaps some birds, lizards, and frogs flourished there.
My solution? Face the inevitable. Feral cats will be suffering until we deplete their stocks, their source of supply. Meanwhile they kill our wild fauna by the hundreds of millions.
Prolonging it does nothing except perpetuate the killing.
Cat enablers, give the feral cats and our wildlife a break. Take pity on them. Allow the people who are trained to control them to do so. I know it will end your scenario of being a cat saviour, but it's the morally and ethically right thing to do.

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