Sunday, January 7, 2007

Calling for Zero Tolerance of Feral and Roaming Cats!

Exactly what is our priority here? Do we enjoy watching cats suffer in the wild while they decimate our wildlife? Do we want to visit our parks to see the colonies of deserted cats lounging around?
That is what trap, neuter, and abandon accomplishes, perpetuation of the status quo, while our bird numbers continue to dwindle. We have to stop, cease, and desist pandering to the kitty crowd. No more enabling the cute feral kitties. There is no place for them in our ecology!
Lobby Congress to enforce the laws we have in place to protect our vanishing wildlife. Demand they make stronger laws against abandoning destructive pests that kill billions of birds and animals each year.
A zero tolerance policy is the only hope we have at this late date, there are too many millions of cats killing birds to perpetuate it with trap, neuter, abandon.

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