Saturday, January 6, 2007

How can you help our birds?

How can you help our birds? You may have followed a link here from another forum, found us on a search, or a friend may have refered you here. What is important is whether you agree our birds are seriously threatened and you are motivated to help.
On the easier scale you can pass our url around to your friends and refer them here. We also appreciate any links you may wish to make to this forum. We don't profess to be know it alls, but we are trying our best to alleviate this problem.
Please consider looking up your Congress person here and writing them. Tell them you feel our laws protecting our wildlife and prohibiting the introduction of destructive pests should be strongly enforced. Please feel free to quote anything you've read here and include our url if you'd like.
A little more difficult, but not much so is joining the National Audubon Society and supporting American Bird Conservancy's Cats Indoors Campaign.
Please do consider taking some actions. We thank you and our birds would thank you if they could.

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