Thursday, January 11, 2007

My response to the post of a cat colony manager...

I managed to post to this blog. It's up to their host whether to post it there and/or answer it here.

You speak of rethinking the problem of animal killing in LAAS’s shelters, you think the answer is in increased consciousness and conscience?
I think it is time to rethink the ethics of trap, neuter, abandon in its entirety. Your treatise on Trap, neuter, spay seems superficially to be well intended and thought out. Yet it ignores facets most citizens deem vital.
Where do you explore the quality of life your domestic cat victi... err, patients might have? Will they die within a couple of pain-filled years after multiple fights with each other, dogs, traffic and other hazards? Most all vets and biologists agree cats are not prepared for life in the wild.
Nowhere in your treatise do you mention our ecology and ecosystem, and the billions of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians feral cats slaughter each year.
You also do not mention your concern for your fellow man, and whether he or she may object to the presence of feral cats or the odor of cat urine and excrement being increasingly present in his/her life.
Would you please give some thought to those results of your agenda and the actions you take?


Anonymous said...

ici, les hommes mangent des grenouilles et les chats mangent des oiseaux...that life...

Bird Advocate said...

I don't speak French, so the portion of your message I understand is "that life."
Yes, that is life when you have thoughtless, irresponsible people making serious decisions to disrupt our ecology and environment.
I, for one, refuse to accept the decisions he makes for me, my children, and my grand children.