Monday, January 15, 2007

Third part of appeal hearing for feral cat citations to be held in January

This is an illogical protest. It is the people who commit TNR who are guilty of animal abandonment!

At the same time, the Pittsburgh-area animal lovers who have joined in the fight have continued to inundate The Era and Bradford City Hall with letters in support of Ron and Cathy Langella and Siglinde Vanderhorst, those cited for feeding and sheltering the cats.
Since Nov. 20, The Era has received more than 150 form letters which read, in part, as follows: "It has come to my attention that The Board of Health and The City Council of Bradford are intending to impose a ban on the feeding and sheltering of stray and feral cats. If they do so, the city, itself, will be breaking a Pennsylvania cruelty law by enforcing animal abandonment and leaving helpless cats to die."
The letters continue, voicing support for the animal caretakers and for all efforts towards a program of Trap/Neuter/Release, "the only effective, humane solution to cat over-population."
On Dec. 14, a batch of 40 form letters were sent to The Era from Dr. Anthony Barton, professor of psychology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, along with an introductory letter from Barton himself.
The letter, addressed to the mayor and Bradford City Council, the letter asks "the council to find a peaceful and humane resolution to the situation of stray/feral cats in your community and of neighbors in hostile conflict."
"This is only partly a cat problem - in fact it is mostly a problem of home beings," Barton wrote. "So these letters invite the human beings (specifically the members of council) to live out their better human side, their humane side, so as to resolve these issues in such a way to foster peace, kindness and the resolution of the small war around these issues in Bradford."


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