Monday, January 15, 2007

Witnesses: Cats arrived with Langellas

This is so typical of TNR. The inconsiderate people who commit it accuse everyone else of "lacking compassion."

The neighbors to either side of Ron and Cathy Langella were called by special counsel Greg Henry to testify to what living in the vicinity of them is like.
Debra Cline, who has lived at her residence for 21 years, said the problems with the cats began after the Langellas moved in next to her in 2001.
"My problem is the defecating ... it's everywhere," she said. She can no longer have a garden or grow any plants, she said, adding, "we don't put decorative mulch out. They use that ... for a litter box."
Ron Langella, an attorney, represented himself, his wife and Vanderhorst in the appeal hearing. He asked Cline if she could specifically identify the cats he cares for as cats causing problems on her property, to which she said yes.
She indicated she was in favor of the citations issued by the city, as a lack of food could make the cats move on to another area. Cline also said she would agree to a plan for the Langellas to fence their yard with specific fencing made to keep cats in.
"It would take care of the defecating, but not the odor," she said.
The next witness, Marie Troskosky, said she could not agree to a fence.
"That is not a solution to this problem," she said. "The yard is filled with cat feces. Where I sit on the deck, you can smell it. I feel like I am now in a cat sanctuary that I didn't buy into.
"I don't want this. This is not what I bought into," she said.
She and her husband Paul have lived in their home for 31 years. "I've reached a point where I don't know if I can stand to live in that neighborhood anymore."
Addressing Ron Langella, she said, "I don't subscribe to your philosophy. This neighborhood did not have this before you moved in. I've never seen people come in and have the audacity to say 'this is our philosophy and you have to subscribe to this.'"

District Judge Dom Cercone heard an interesting case this week. Charges were filed against 54 year old Catherine Langella for an incident that occured on Rockland Avenue in Bradford. Langello is accused of brandishing a revolver and making threats toward her neighbor's dog.
The Bradford Era reports that Langella has been feeding stray cats and taking them in for Vet treatment.
Her neighbors have taken issue with Langella's love for strays, claiming the animals cause damage to property, and pose a health hazard.

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