Monday, February 12, 2007

Dogs seized amid animal cruelty probe (Another reason for cats indoors!)

A feeling of repulsion came over Janet Keleher as she watched a video on a teenager’s MySpace page Sunday, she said.
When she saw messages on a Yahoo! chat group asking what could be done about the video, she immediately went to the page to see it.
If you go to, you will see a notice stating the site is invalid. When Keleher visited that site Sunday, she said she saw something different.
Keleher, 37, of Burt, N.Y., called Angleton police and said there was a video of a pit bull mauling a cat on the popular community Web site, officers said.
“It’s quite disturbing with someone so young,” Keleher said. “I was frustrated because I knew the dog was going to pay the price.”
The video, which was not available on the site late Tuesday, shows a brown pit bull dog attacking an orange stray cat. The cat is tied to the bumper of a truck while the dog continues to bite at its neck until the cat stops moving.

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