Monday, February 12, 2007

Roanoke woman treated for rabies after attack by cat

Had the cat been kept indoors this elderly woman would never have been forced to fight for her life!
Bleeding from three bites and wearing only the housecoat she had on to retrieve her newspaper, an elderly woman upended an attacking, rabies-crazed cat in the street in front of her home and, with her hand tight around its tail, beat the feline into submission against a nearby utility pole.
Isabelle Blankenship said turning the black and white stray cat into a club and "beating the devil out of it" was what saved her from further injury Friday morning in a bizarre assault in front of stunned neighbors. Authorities said Monday that an examination of the deceased animal revealed the presence of rabies.
"The cat came from nowhere and jumped on me," said Blankenship, 85. "We fought for a while. I think I must have won."


DaBabe said...

This was terrible for the poor woman. Thank goodness the neighbors helped her.

Bird Advocate said...

Yes'm, if not for the neighbor girls she may have been injured much more seriously. I've been seriously bitten and scratched by a feral cat and I'll testify they can rip you up badly.