Friday, February 2, 2007

I see a visitor got here on a search for Cat Hater.

I see a visitor got here on a search for "Cat Hater". *Looks at the feral cat lying at my feet.* You'd better run for your life, Cat!
Most feral and roaming cat enablers have an uncanny ability to ignore that the fur babies they adore and allow to wander around their neighbourhood are considered a nuisance and pest by others. Does this make those other people cat haters? I don't think so, do you?
Those cat owners term themselves "animal lovers" while allowing their roaming domestic pets to contribute to the extinction of endangered animals in the wild, and they become expert apologists for their cats.
"Cats do a service to the wildlife by culling the lame and the sick." Excuse me? Mother Nature didn't supply us with hawks, owls, foxes, raccoons, snakes and a number of other predators for that?
Many cat owners believe the cat's independence is a wonderful trait, while abusing that trait by ignoring their responsibility for their pet. There's no need to clean up a litter box, let the cat roam, its mess will be in the neighbour's yard.
There's also no need to spay or neuter the cat, there are volunteers around to care for the unwanted litters.
The cat sometimes returns for food, then it's back outside killing wildlife, spreading disease, destroying other's property and breeding without control. Only a change in the attitude of the cat owner will change that of people who don't like them.

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