Monday, February 12, 2007

Pit bulls attack SUV in search for cat

This is another great reason to keep your cat indoors!
We've all heard stories about pit bulls attacking people but have you ever seen one attack a SUV?
If you have ever doubted the power of a pit bull bite, Mitchell Stevens has the proof on his SUV.
"It was very loud and very vicious," he said.
"The teeth marks went all the way through the wheel shroud - this is a pretty thick shroud. If you put your hand under here you can see they went all the way through."
Stevens encountered two full grown pit bulls attacking his SUV parked on the driveway.
The dogs' teeth shredded two fenders and their claws scratched the paint in an attempt to get to the family's cat who was hidden in the engine.


DaBabe said...

I saw the pictures of the car on the news. I wonder if the cat is indoors now.

Bird Advocate said...

Well... Considering the responsibility level of some cat owners I seriously doubt it.