Friday, February 2, 2007

The Silent Wildlife Killer

What mammal is responsible for annually killing 38 million songbirds, four million cottontail rabbits and 100 million small mammals in Wisconsin?
(A) Skunk (B) Fox (C) Raccoon (D) Pine Marten (E) All of the above (F) None of the above
If you chose (F), you are correct.
Can you name the mammal? If you say "cat", step to the head of the class.
A study on predation by cats found that old Tabby is one of the major predators of wildlife in Wisconsin and throughout the United States. The kill estimates result from a five-year study completed in 1994 by University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate student John Coleman and Professor Stanley Temple.
The study's purpose was to determine the impact of "free ranging" domestic cats on rural wildlife. A "free ranging" cat is defined as a feline that lives in a house, barn or other structure, be is free to roam at will.

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