Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Author of cat proposal says idea is a worthy one

I had wondered how this originally went down. It appears it was overblown by the cat backers

I have heard every excuse from cat lovers as to why cats run free. I fail to understand their excuses, when they claim to care so much for their animals. The cat lovers offer no solution to the feral cat problem; they only attack my character and make threats against me. My proposal makes no threats against any person or persons. Yet, the cat lovers have made threats to my job, co-workers and family.

The cat and animal lovers have stated they are "outraged" that I have made my proposal to the state concerning feral cats. I have not asked for nor have I taken any money from anyone and I did not spend any money to make my proposal. Organizations like The Humane Society of the United States and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals receive millions of dollars yearly in donations from animal lovers. I hear no "outrage" from cat lovers that these organizations have done nothing about the feral cat issue.

The fact is I made a legitimate proposal to the Wisconsin Conservation Congress on an issue of statewide concern. Had the Conservation Congress felt it was not a legitimate proposal, they would not have brought it back from committee for a statewide vote. If you read my proposal, you'll see it changes nothing for responsible cat owners. It says nothing about taking anyone's pets from them, or about discharging firearms in the city.


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