Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Please enact a leash law for pet cats

This petition is someone else's but I'm all for helping them with it. Please sign it and pass it on.

To: Various government agencies
We the undersigned feel that while it is everyone's individual right to own a pet, not everyone wants to come into contact with everyone else's pet. Therefore, we would like to see a LEASH LAW enacted for PET CATS. Dog owners must currently follow this law, and it's about time cat owners had to follow it, too. Free-roaming cats are a danger to local wildlife (even if they are declawed or wear bells), they are traffic hazards, they spread disease and breed (causing a cat overpopulation problem) and in addition, some people just do NOT want these pests in their yard. Cat owners, we therefore ask that you please have some consideration and either keep your cat indoors (it is likely to live longer that way) or put your cat on a leash when you let it out, just as dog owners do. We would like to see some official legislation on this topic.

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