Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What are Invasive Species?

(I will argue with this in that a number of studies I have seen say the Norway rat and house mouse will prevail against the domestic cat while it decimates the native species.)

It may come as a surprise to many that certain animals, such as the domestic cat, are considered to be invasive species. The domestic cat, native to northeast Africa, was introduced from Egypt to countries worldwide thousands of years ago. Although it is often a much loved house pet, the domestic cat is also an avid hunter that is very detrimental to native wildlife.

The domestic cat is an invasive species so common that it inhabits all but a few islands worldwide. The domestic cat was first introduced to non-native areas of the world to control rodent populations. To this day, the cat is still beneficial in keeping other invasive species under control, as well as an important companion for many people. However, the domestic cat is capable of spreading disease to wildlife and humans, and it is responsible for the extinction of many species of birds, which is why it is now considered an invasive species.

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