Saturday, May 9, 2009

Among the comments to "Cat Fight" below...

Among the comments to "Cat Fight" below were two excellent ones. One is from Michael Hutchins, Ph.D. Executive Director/CEO The Wildlife Society. The other from Tim Steinbeiser, whom it has been my pleasure to meet in e-mails. I'll quote Mr. Steinbeiser, as I have permission to do.

"TNR is not the answer to the feral and free roaming cat epidemic in this country. Cats are NOT wildlife and have no place outdoors. Cats are just another human artifact that contribute to the destruction of our natural resources. Trap and remove what you can and stop feeding the rest and they will go away. TNR is based on PERPETUAL colony maintenance, these colonies NEVER go away because they provide a perfect place for irresponsible pet owners to DUMP their cats. Keep pet cats indoors, enact mandatory spay/neuter laws and most importantly make TNR ILLEGAL as is nothing more than animal abuse disguised as compassion.
Posted by: Tim Steinbeiser"

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