Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cat fight!

(My post? Why should even one domestic pet be tolerated as a predator in the wild when it is inhumane to abandon them? Dispense with the rhetoric and remove the cats!)

Things are about to get decidedly catty in Palm Coast.

Since City Manager Jim Landon recently instructed code enforcement officers to find ways to remove feral cat colonies from urban and residential areas, cat lovers citywide have been tearing their fur out.

Citing poor sanitation at feeding areas as a public nuisance and federal law preserving protected wildlife from cats' claws, city officials say it's the best solution. The cats' caretakers, meanwhile, say rounding them up by the thousands and handing them over to the Flagler Humane Society could mean the felines are destined for euthanization if the society can't find somewhere to relocate them outside city limits.

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