Friday, May 22, 2009

Antifreeze used to poison 9 cats

(Keep your pets indoors! Some people don't want them on their property and will resort to any means!)

Nine cats have been poisoned with antifreeze in a Pirimai, Napier, street.
SPCA staff have been dealing with poisoning cases in Davidson Ave since last year and at least nine cats, including two kittens, have had to be euthanised.
Alesha McKay has lost one cat and three kittens to poisoning since January.
Two of the kittens, Chaos and Wicca, both 8 months old, were put down this week.
She has one more cat, as well as a dog and young children, so she was worried about the situation.
"My young son's very angry at the fact that someone would do it on purpose," she said.
"We can't get any more cats if they're going to end up dead, it's just cruel."


rking8 said...

How doe ssomeone come onto your proerty adn kill your cat? I ftey were poisoned it was whiel they were traspassing-mostllikely.If your cat is runnign loose you are not being a good neighbor. My yard is mine and yours is yours. I a great dane voide dhis stool on your proch you'd raisse cane. WHen your cat doe sit it is supossed to be over loke dsepite the fact they leve diseases that canalt 18 months in your yard and kill unborn children. But your cats freedom(translates to I hate litter boxes and the cost of running them)ismore importatn than chidrens health. WHat a load selg fserving trahs form msot I am not saying your commnet is with out merit if they were poisone din yourr yard, your cats were restrained to your yard, etcc etc. But my Gues is they were roaming free. THeir death is your fault.You took the cats to love and nurture. instead yu allow them to venture into poisoned areas.PLs excsue the typing.

Bird Advocate said...

Yes, I believe similar to you about my property. If an animal is repeatedly allowed to roam on my property I figure it has been abandoned. It is then my responsibility to control it.
The cats go to the Humane Society if I can catch them.
I have known people who resort to setting out antifreeze or even Ibuprofen. It is cheap and very toxic to cats. I don't condone it, but I realize some people can be pushed only so far.

wolf legion said...

my cats all died because of poison also. i live in California and all my cats have lived out side all there lives. and the neighbors never said anything about them. then all this week every day we find a dead cat and the new baby's that i have were poisoned and the mother died first so they are slowly dieing one died in my hands while i was holding it.