Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do you go to our parks to enjoy the feral cats?

Do you go to our parks to enjoy the feral cats? Do you go to the beach or lake to feed the fur babies? Are the roaming cats defecating in your flower beds your favorite "wildlife?" If so, you can disregard this post because this is a call to action to everyone who believes domestic pets should not be roaming uncontrolled in our ecology and murdering our native wildlife!
Now that I've cleared the feral cat enablers out of the way I'd like to talk seriously for a moment. Yes, to you, the people who care that a domestic pet is being shown favoritism over our natural fauna to the point of being enabled to prey on them and compete with our own predators. It is going to take activism and organization to make this right. Those other people are organized already and they send thousands of emotional e-mails to anyone who dares raise a flyswatter to a fur baby.
You know taking these pets out of our ecology will require responsible adult action and I do mean take them out! So what can you do? You're as smart as I am, figure out something. I have near 500 posts here supporting my argument and appealing to you, we are in the right so that does give us an edge. We do have to frame this correctly, instead of hating on the pets we stress the undeniable inhumanity of abandoning pets onto our streets, the terrible loss of our fauna, and the rudeness and health issues of their intrusion on our private property.
Write Congress and tell them, then tell your mayor and city council to enforce and strengthen our laws preventing pet abandonment and protecting our wildlife! Links to this blog are appreciated and reciprocated, too.
Here are your contacts for the United States House of Representatives
and United States Senate. Please write them.

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