Monday, May 4, 2009

TNR managers believe that all animals deserve compassion and protection?

TNR managers believe that all animals deserve compassion and protection? Then why do they re-abandon domestic pets dependent on humans into the wild and enable them to each murder tens, dozens, or hundreds of our native fauna yearly? Do these actions of theirs seem humane, ethical, moral, or logical to you? Their actions are not those of animal lovers, but cat lovers. How they can rationalize this I'll never understand. The Audubon Society can't say this, but I can and do. Your opinion is invited.


tsiya said...

We have 6 house cats, all found as kittens, dumped in the ditch. We can't handle any more. Spaying and neutering and dumping them back in the ditch certainly doesn't solve any problems. It seems that people think it's OK to just unload unwanted pets in rural areas, and it gets worse every year. I've even seen them in the pond killing my frogs. I haven't seen a quail in a long time. All the ground nesting birds are scarce here.
If the economy gets worse I expect we'll see more of this.

Bird Advocate said...

Thank you, Tsiya. Yes, I remarked a month or so ago I can't remember the last time I saw a mockingbird, another bird I believe nests on the ground.
It's not only the birds like you say, it's the frogs, snakes, native field mice, lizards and all our natural fauna they're eating.
The only way we will reverse this is to get more vocal about it and rile up some opposition to the cat fanciers who don't seem to care about an animal if it doesn't have fur and whiskers!
Thank you for replying, I hope you will return, and you are most welcome to speak your mind here anytime!

Bird Advocate said...

Oops, I meant to write "Meadowlark" on the post above.