Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Enderby council cracks down on feral cats

Action is being taken over the growing problem of feral cats in downtown Enderby.
“The feral cats treat these flower beds as their personal bathroom,” said Lynne Borhaven, the city’s grounds maintenance contractor, in a letter to council.
“This is not only unsightly and odorous, but it is adversely affecting the city’s investment in its public gardens as it will require frequent replacement of the plants and flowers.”
Borhaven is also concerned the cats and the disrupted gardens reflect poorly on the community.
“The city gardens are prominently located on a key traffic route which is frequented by tourists,” she said.
But the problem doesn’t appear to stop there.
“People are putting food out for the cats and that may attract rodents like rats,” said Wejr.
The city is also considering informing residents of the problems related to feeding feral cats.

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