Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Roundworm warning: feral cats could cause parasite to spread quickly

The New York City Health Department is warning its residents that two young people have been stricken with ringworm and now have very serious health problems. An infant has permanent brain damage and a teenager has lost sight in one eye after contracting the parasite from raccoon feces.
Veterinarians here in Central New York say people here should be aware that something similar could happen in our area, mainly because of feral cats.
Dr. Chmielwicz says feral cats, like raccoons are very likely to have parasites in them, including roundworm. He say people here should watch for cat feces in their yards, "one town in particular, Clayville, has quite a large stray and feral cat population and with these cats depositing their feces around people's homes, they like soft dirt, soil, sand, these are areas people are gardening, working in their flower beds, children are playing outside, so he potential is really there."


Anonymous said...

Ringworm or roundworm caused the illness? Isn't ringworm just a mild fungal infection of the skin? I think you meant roundworm in the main body of your post.

Bird Advocate said...

I just posted the news story and warning. I'll do more research on it today if I have the time.

Bird Advocate said...

Roundworms (Feline)
Dull, dry hair coat, Intussusception (telescoping one part of the intestine within another part causing an obstruction), Pneumonia, Aberrant larval migrans (the larval worm gets “lost” and causes injury to an organ like the brain or eyes).