Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mt. Olive votes to continue trapping, killing feral cats

(No one mentioned they made the only ecologically sound decision.)
Rejects neuter-release plan 5-1; sites logistic concerns, state law


Anonymous said...

What don't you bird brains understand?? Tnr reduces feral populations. It's proven. It works. Reduced feral populations gives you more birds to enjoy. Trap and kill doesn't work. Cats deserve the same right to life as birds. It's a big planet everyone can share.

Bird Advocate said...

What don't you cat enablers understand? Cats are a PET PREDATOR SPECIES and should never be outdoors or given priority over our pressured fauna!
When was the last time you heard of there being a shortage of feral cats? Humans "made" cats, not nature!