Friday, June 19, 2009

Who let the cats out?

City considering feral cat ordinance after Almont Street complaints
Almont Street has gone to the dogs… err cats.

About ten people who live on Almont Street in Standish attended the City Council meeting on June 18 hissing at council members to address the feral cat situation, which is one hairball that won’t cough up.

Sharon Crouterfield, an Almont Street resident, was the spokesperson for the concerned citizens, saying that cats, some with owners living on the street and some stray but being fed on the street, are tearing up lawns and flower beds, attacking pets and, of course, using the street as their litter box.

“Some people are complaining they can’t open their windows because the smell is so strong,” said Standish City Manager Mike Moran. “They have loose cats in the neighborhood that are leaving fecal deposits and such in the property.”

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