Friday, June 19, 2009

Pusses to get boot

My comment? The shore of any place is usually a nice place to visit. Perhaps to watch birds and other wild animals. I wonder how many tourists have visited there, been turned off by the sight and smell of a colony of unwanted pets and left. Please, spare some compassion for the wildlife those cats kill. The cats are neither humane nor non-lethal as they go about their business of killing.

A feral cat colony may have already used one of its nine lives -- if only temporarily.

About 16 of the wild felines -- although each has been spayed and neutered -- have made a little corner along the Bluffer's Park shoreline their home and Rob Brydges dutifully makes his way down to the foot of Brimley Rd. every morning to deliver cat food to his little charges.

They hear his voice, and the cats come running.

"This is sort of a magical place," Brydges said yesterday. "About six years ago I was down here and I saw them out looking for food -- I kind of felt sorry for them and I thought I'd come back and feed them."

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