Friday, July 10, 2009

Anderson woman fights littering citation for feeding feral cats

My response:
I have a cat fancier living two doors down from me. He refills the food bowls in his garage often, consequently there are always six or eight cats lounging in his front yard.
His hobby ruined mine. The cats come down here to hunt and kill birds so I had to stop feeding them and take down their nests. The cats leave their scat and spray in my garden and flowerbeds, so I plowed them under. My grand children can't go outside and play because of the filth.
I've taken up a new hobby, cat trapping, and it seems to be working very efficiently with his hobby now. He attracts the cats, I trap them. The hobby keeps me exercised carrying them to the humane society to be put down. I may have to buy another Havahart trap, I caught two in one day last week.


rking8 said...

I don't know if you are in Texas but I want to want your readers to know it is two years in jail if you kill a feral or free roaming cat in Texas. The game wardens kill them on site but you could possibly get in trouble An frustrated property owner could get in real trouble if he follows his rancher instincts. So you are correct to turn them over. Besides it helps with the stats. Keep up the good work.

Bird Advocate said...

Yep, I'm in Texas and not far from you. I live about a mile from Galveston Bay, so I'm also in the main migratory route for millions of birds. I feel every one of them is our responsibility, and that extends down to the lizards and grass snakes in my yard.