Friday, July 10, 2009

The felines invade

The Georgetown Homeowners Association has asked McDonough County Animal Control to set traps for at least four feral cats that apparently wander the subdivision after sundown. At least one resident has described the cats as “very aggressive” and capable of attacking families and their pets.

The letter was shared late this week with the county board’s human resources and planning committee. In detailing the request, Homeowners Association President John Meixner wrote that the cats have been seen on the north and south sides of Carriage Hill, with at least one reported seen in a yard on Richmond Road.

Assistant State’s Attorney Kristen Petrie, who lives in Georgetown, told the committee Thursday that residents were warned about the cats in the subdivision’s monthly newsletter.


rking8 said...

I have had my airedale who is no pushover attacked by cats several times. Not a cat could touch her but it shows the guts they possess.

Bird Advocate said...

It's funny you should mention that. Speaking of cat guts, that is. My ex and I were out in our front yard one day, preparing to release a Dove we had rehabilitated.
The bird wasn't getting the drift of things and flew back and forth between us a few times. Up strode a cat, boldly as could be, looking as if it were going to walk right up my wife after the Dove.
"Oh, want some action, huh?" My ex asked the cat. She handed the bird to me, snatched the cat up by the nape of its neck and sailed it over the fence into our backyard, where several of our chows were attentively watching. It was all over in seconds, and my turn to get a shovel. I figured at the time the cat committed suicide, coming into our yard with that ornery woman.