Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cat Fight

My post: The cat enablers easily forget their pets are exactly that, a domestic pet species. There should be laws against their abandonment outdoors, especially where they threaten the survival of our endangered native fauna. Hey wait a minute, there already are laws in place, they just are not being enforced! Keep the faith, Mr. Green!


Bret Ludwig said...

The cat lubbers are incorrigible emotionalists, people who have abrogated reason. There is no talking to them. It's guaranteed to be a huge sink of time and energy and stress to do so.

The public at large is a little more capable of understanding, but not a whole lot. The best thing to do, in addition to direct action against the feral pest, is to remind the politicos that not everyone is a cat lubber. Some of us know what feral cats do and understand they are a serious ecological problem, and we do not feel they are sacred at all, but rather a varmint. To be dealt with as any varmint should be.

Bird Advocate said...

"The cat lubbers are incorrigible emotionalists"

Yes, but they shed few tears for the hundreds of millions of our fauna they enable their pets to kill. The general public will respond, once they and their children have stepped in enough cat poo in their yard!