Sunday, July 12, 2009

"The Proposed Ordinance to Criminalize Feral Cat Colony Management"

My post has been allowed and answered: Please remember feral cats are domestic animals and it seems unconscionable to me you support their abandonment into the dangers they encounter in the cities.
Most of you show no regard for the rights of other citizens to have their property cat free.
I see little mention or concern for the natural fauna they prey on. You have no compassion left over for them? Their killing by your pets is anything but compassionate, humane, and non-lethal!


Ed Muzika said...

We who maintain colonies also wish the laws against abandoning cats and dogs were enforced. They are not, especially in this new economic/foreclosure recession. In fact, I here "10,000,000" are "lost" a year.

We would give anything if there were not feral cats and dogs in the street. Our houses are full of strays we rescued, live at home, and have adotped back out.

But the number of animals on the streets is almost endless. In LA County alone estimates run upwards from 700,000.

Of course we feel for the birds and other critters killed by the homeless cats.

But, not feeding and taking care of the hundreds of thousands of homeless cats on the streets is not an option for us. We cannot let them sicken and die. We need to have the cities enforce anti-abandonment laws, but good luck. That family that abandoned them last month then got into trouble, will abandon that same animal after they move or things die down.

Personally, I think having a pet is a responsibility not a lot of people are ready to accept.

What solutions do you propose?

Bird Advocate said...

Your subsistence feeding of the pets in the wild only prolongs and perpetuates the problem! The killing of our fauna is estimated to be as many as a billion each year!
For the sake of discussion, I usually admit that figure may be exaggerated and use a rounded off figure of say, half a billion?
What sort of responsible citizen could possibly support fifty million unwanted pets being not only spared, but fed, and enabled to kill a half billion of our fauna, some of them endangered, each and every year?
My solution? Were it not for the cat orgs interfering at every turn, and influencing our politicians to ignore our wildlife protection laws, and not put restrictive laws on pet ownership the eradication methods in effect would have been effective years ago!
Part of my solution is this post, and the hundreds of others like it posted by those of us who know it is morally and ethically reprehensible to support colonies of pets outdoors destroying our native creatures.
When enough citizens are as disgusted at the thought as we are, our politicians will listen to us, not the cat orgs.