Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cat vs Dog?

I have often warned cat owners before about exposing their feral or roaming pets to the dangers outdoors. I have usually had guard dogs confined on my property and that's what they did, protected my property and the other animals I raised there. My chows would kill any cat caught trespassing. If that sounds cold to you perhaps you will consider the cats were there hunting something to murder themselves.
Years ago, back when a landowner still had property rights, I warned a neighbor about the huge cat he had coming into my back yard with my large Husky out of Alaskan Indian sled dog stock. He laughed and said “No dog alive could hurt that bad cat!” Okay, I’d warned him.
The next time I saw the cat in my yard I let my dog off his chain to protect my property. The cat weighed almost thirty pounds.


Retrieverman said...

If I have to keep my dog on my property and pay taxes for it and vaccinate it, why do the same laws not apply for felines? Yet, when my state legislature considered a bill that would license cats, the other legislators meowed at the legislator who introduced a bill.

I think such a bill would be great, because it would establish ownership over cats, and it would allow us to create actual control ordinances that would allow authorities to sort out which cats were owned and which ones were not. And allow counties and municipalities to fine owners who let their cats roam at large.

If it's good enough for dogs, it surely would be good enough for cats.

Bird Advocate said...

Thank you, Retrieverman, I agree with you on that. I also like your fine Blog and will recommend it to all our readers. Thank you for returning my visit.