Saturday, July 11, 2009

One solution to the feral cat problem

My response:
I was raised with a strong respect for our wildlife and our responsibility to manage and protect it. My dad was raised soon after the depression when your ability with a rifle or shotgun often meant the difference between meat in the pot, or a mess of wild poke salat. His interest in later life translated into protecting his quail and other game from the feral cats and he used the same shotgun.
Outside of a barn cat or two he had no tolerance for them, and I agree with that philosophy. I have had to to confine my activity to using a Havahart trap in the yard. It breaks my heart to say it's been years since I've seen a covey of quail or a Meadowlark, both ground nesting birds. It's about time I took a trip to the country, away from those damn cats, and looked some up.

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