Friday, August 7, 2009

Kitty on a plate (Down under)

Take environmental author and artist Kaye Kessing, she reckons you should never boil a cat because they are far better roasted. I’d never considered that. But it did make me pause to think. Mind you, she does have a cracking recipe for feral moggy that she cooks with quandong and native lemongrass that she calls a “catterole”.

This is an environmentalist who is really sinking her teeth into the issue of feral animals. She’s been putting pussy – feral pussy – in the pot for around 17 years on her 40 hectare property in the Northern Territory. Inspired by stories of the local Aboriginals feasting on feral cat, she traps them, skins them, pan fries them and then braises them in the crockpot.

While it’s not likely to ever be a mystery ingredient in a Master Chef challenge, it does show a certain commitment to her green passion. A sort of a twist on the: use it or lose it doctrine – more a: use it and lose it mindset.


rking8 said...

The local coyotes seem to think kitty makes a fine meal. One morning my local mechanic came out of his house and there were cat heads and skins all over the road. The Asian woman had lost her husband and was all alone with kids. She was stir frying kitty. She seem to think it was a good meal too. The police said nothing.

rking8 said...

I met with a web designer today. I am making the leap to a full blown web site. I plan on an issue driven web site. The designer tells me I have to blog all over. I am starting web sites for Texas Calif and Florida. Calif has two bills on the table that concern feral cats. Florida also is being targeted by feral cat ranchers. One is to adopt TNR as a state policy. The other is equally bad. Alley Cat Allies has Texas on the list to do the same thing. They already defeated a TP&W push to put cats on the invasive species list. They have been bragging all over about ever since. Stay well-rk

Bird Advocate said...

It's no skin off my nose if someone wants to eat them and is hungry. I'd eat them too, if I were hungry.

Tell us as soon as you have an url to your website.