Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PRINCETON: 56 feral cats removed from neighborhood

According to Animal Control Officer Mark Johnson, Princeton Borough has a cat problem.

Following repeated reports of songbird slayings on both Wilton Street and Cedar Lane, Mr. Johnson brought his cages to the neighborhood about two months ago and took 56 feral cats into custody.

The cats seemed to have been coming in and out of one Wilton Street residence in particular, Mr. Johnson said. Apparently, the woman who lives in the residence had tried to take care of the felines.

According to Mr. Johnson, the woman said she called Animal Control last year asking that someone pick up about six cats her daughter had brought from New York. Mr. Johnson had denied the request, saying he could only pick up strays. Since then, Mr. Johnson said the cats have had kittens and those kittens have had kittens and “it definitely got ugly from there.”

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